All photography provided by Hope4Riverside

In the fall of 2014, Pastor Daniel Powell of Calvary Open Bible Church took every pastor in the city out for a meal and shared his vision of joining together, in the name of Christ, in an effort to stop the decline of Riverside. These leaders quickly discovered the power of working together and Hope4Riverside was formed.

Our Mission

Identify and address situations that negatively impact our children, city and businesses in the Riverside community. Then by joining together make changes to improve those situations and make make our Riverside community shine!

Hope4Riverside has helped initiate many new projects in the Riverside community. They have inspired many to care for and invest in Riverside.
— Steve Stiglich, Greater Dayton Association of Baptists

What We've Achieved

  • Encourage involvement in a Mentoring Program and helped enlist mentors.

  • Helped organize the community backpack give-a-way.

  • Organized a community church-wide worship service.

  • Initiating efforts for a community food pantry.

  • Initiating efforts for a community medical center